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At HaverCrown Dental, our team invests in only the most advanced technologies to ensure your experience in the dental chair is a comfortable and speedy one. Dr. Shafagh and his team regularly participate in continuing education so that you can feel confident knowing that your dental care is always on the leading edge.

Here are just a few of the dental technologies we use at our Havertown dental office:

Digital X-Rays

digital dental x-raysDigital x-rays go far beyond the capabilities of traditional dental x-rays by providing instantaneous, low-radiation results. At HaverCrown Dental, our advanced digital x-ray technology is designed to be non-invasive, quick, and comfortable. Dr. Shafagh uses these crystal-clear images to develop custom treatment plans designed with your smile and only your smile in mind.

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Scanner

X-rays are an excellent tool to help us diagnose oral health problems, but our Cone Beam CT scanner takes it a step further. Dr. Shafagh uses our CBCT scanner to gain clear and immediate images that even digital x-rays can’t capture. This technology is used in the consultation phase for many of our services, including surgical planning and preventive care.

iTero® Scanner

Using the latest in optical technology, the iTero intraoral scanner captures the structure of the gums and teeth to create complete 3D imagery. The images provided by the scanner allow our Havertown dentistry team to deliver care with greater efficiency, gathering non-invasive imaging to provide a more complete perspective of your smile. The best part? iTero imaging eliminates the need for sticky, putty-like impressions!

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